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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Healthy Eating to Help Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is the problem on the rise in today’s modern world, especially the first world countries are hit hard by this epidemic kid’s disease. The unhealthy eating habits with lessor physical movements are adding up to the problem of childhood obesity.

The problems of early childhood, diabetes type 2 in kids and many more problems are the cost of obesity problem many developing nations are bearing. With the problem being addressed by United Nation, more emphasis is now being put on child health and healthy eating.

Mother Care for a Fresh Skin after Pregnancy

By the birth of a child, the mother finds herself too occupied in child care and all the stuff. With a little time for herself, the mother can revitalize her skin as fresh as before pregnancy. Holy Mother n Kids present you with natural skin care methods for mother care.  These are very effective natural treatments that can bring wonders in mother’s life.

It took 9 months to give birth to the baby and it would take almost that bit of time to reshape you. The re-shape process is time taking but the results are long lasting.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Pregnancy Stretch Marks – The Pregnancy Aftermath

There's nothing like having a newborn in the family, and nothing like pregnancy stretch marks, you also get after. It can be really frustrating that after nine months of special care directed towards your body, you're faced with an after effect in which is out of your control. Holy Mother n Kids give you an easy option for treatment of those marks.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Lemon: A Natural Skin Care Remedy

While it comes to skin care we run after to the artificial and cosmetic ways of skin treatment and forget the natural skin care remedies that not only help in skin treatment but also have anti aging potions in them.
Available throughout the year, the lemon is a Jinny in a bottle. It has key ingredients for all types of skin care.

Lemon is an anti oxidant and rich with Vitamin C. Either taken in food or applied directly on the skin works wonder when it comes to skin treatment.