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Friday, 30 December 2011

Health benefits of DHA to the fetus

DHA has immense benefits both for the mother care and child care. DHA is essential for infant health both inside the womb of the mother as well as in its early life. We will see here some of the benefits that DHA provides for infant health.

·     Brain Growth: The researchers of University of Western Australia have studies 98 pregnant women and observed that the mothers who have taken a high dosage of fish oil during their pregnancy, their children gets higher scores in eye-hand coordination tests. 

   Similarly, in another study, the researchers of University of Oslo in Norway observed that 4 years old babies, whose mothers have taken DHA supplements during breastfeeding and the pregnancy scored better in IQ tests. That proves a positive correlation of using DHA for a batter growth of brain cells and overall infant health.

·       Visual development: According to the University of British Columbia, there researchers studies 167 pregnant women and found out a correlation between DHA quantity taken by the mothers during the 2nd and 3rd  trimester of their pregnancies and the visual acuity in 2 months old babies. Moreover, they proved that the DHA is an essential nutrient to develop baby’s vision.

·     Weight at birth:  A research was conducted in Netherlands at Maastricht University on 782 pregnant women, and the research found significant positive associations between the DHA level of the mother and the baby's head circumference and weight at birth. Thus DHA helps in growth of the baby.


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