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Friday, 24 June 2011

Complications of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is not a problem to be overlooked by parents and society. It has devastating effects on the individual life of the sufferer, but to the family and social life also. The diseases and complications associated with childhood obesity not only effect family economy but is hurting nation’s economy as well, in the shape of increased healthcare expenditure. The opportunity cost of a lazy, lethargic couch potato is much more than an active sportsman, athlete or army marine.

Childhood obesity can present complications in the physical well-being, social and emotional development of your child.

Physical Complications:

Type II Diabetes: A diabetic disease associated with children, causing complications in the ways they normally burn glucose in their blood stream. This disease can be cured by adopting healthy life style changes, like eating healthy and working out in the shape of sports.

Metabolic Syndrome: This syndrome is not a disease in itself, but a collection of health problems that exposes your child to the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes or other health problems. This group of diseases includes hypertension, elevated blood sugar, high cholesterol, excessive abdominal fat.

Cholesterol and Hyper Blood Pressure: Your child can develop high blood pressure or high cholesterol if he/she adopts an unhealthy diet. These factors may contribute to the deposition of plates in the arteries. These plates can shrink and harden the arteries, which can cause a heart attack or stroke in later life of the child.

Respiratory Complications: Excess weight in the body of your child can cause problems with development of your child's lungs, causing asthma and other respiratory problems.

Sleep Disorders: Child hood obesity is being researched for the causes of sleep disorders in children like snoring, sleep apnea and restless legs syndrome.

Early Adulthood: Childhood obesity is a major contributor towards hormonal imbalance in your child body. This imbalance may trigger early adulthood in the shape of over excretion of Estrogen and Testosterone hormone, leading to start puberty earlier than expected.

2.       Social and Psychological Complications:

Poor Self-Esteem: Children tease or bully other children often overweight or obese, which can then suffer a loss of self-esteem and an increased risk of depression.

Behavioral Problems: Overweight children tend to be more anxious and to show fewer social skills than children of normal weight. At their extreme, these problems may lead overweight children to externalize and disrupt their classrooms. Often these problems are forcing overweight children to put themselves cut out socially.

Depression: The feeling of being dejected in social gathering can create a lonely child. A child lonely in classroom, not invited in social gatherings, not welcomed or even no interest in sports activities can erupt depression in your kid. This depression can cause your child to lose interest in school and social activities.

Anxiety: The less social interaction and avoidance can trigger anxiety in your kid that has a long lasting effect on the individual’s personal, family and social life. 


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