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Friday, 17 June 2011

Nail Fungus

Where summer gets fresh air, lots of sun, outdoor activities, it also brings sweat, humidity and sun burns. Thus the summer calls for special care for your skin. HM&K present you some of the beneficial tips to cope up with these skin related issues, starting from the nails.

Nail fungus is an often complained problems associated with summer activities. To treat nail fungus one needs to know the cause of change of state of the nail. There are two main stimuli for the nail fungus; 

One of fungal infections of the toe nail is trichophytosis. It begins at the end of the nail and and then spreads throughout the toe. After a while the nail begins to thicken, crumble, and painted in white or yellow. The nail in that condition may not hurt, but it degrades the outlook of your beautiful nails into hideous looking structure and thus reduces your self-confidence. If you have formed a fungus on your toe, it is likely that in the near future, it may move to other body parts. If you find yourself in such a nail fungus, see a doctor immediately. He will be able to properly diagnose and tell you how best to treat the infection.

Another type of nail fungus is Candida. Symptoms of the disease may be the same as when athletes foot, except for any creamy discharge. This infection is most often seen in people who have long-term contact with soapy water. It should be noted that Candida is difficult to treat and calls for long term treatments.
To win nail fungus, caused by candida the patient must:
·         Cut nails as short as possible;
·         Include sprouted wheat, vitamin B, as well as yogurt in his/her diet.
·         Avoid repeated and long contact with water.
·         Dry your feet thoroughly to avoid any humidity there. 


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