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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Parenting Autism

The symptoms of autism are difficult to access for the parents of an autistic child. The absence of a behavior is more difficult to detect than the presence of a typical behaviors. Parents who suspect their child may be autistic; they should consult the pediatrician for a referral to a child psychiatrist, who can diagnose autism for sure, their level of severity and determine the appropriate educational measures. Autism is a disease and autistic children may have a serious disability for life. However, with proper treatment some autistic children can develop certain aspects of independence in their lives.

Autism Spectrum

HMnK proudly present the spectrum of autism tendencies present in the children, compared with normal children of their age. These signs distinguish an autistic child from normal. These autism spectrum is explained below;

Signs of Autism in Children

The Autism is a developmental disorder of brain function in some children which become noticeable in the first year of life. Autism signs start showing in early childhood. If the autistic children is given proper treatment in that stage, chances of recovery increase many fold.

HMnK present you some warning signs of autism by a thorough study of the disorder. If your child possesses these signs then they may be at risk of developing autism. Thus a regular and an immediate thorough assessment should be sought.  The warning signals in social interaction / communication are as follows;

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Symptoms of Autism

Parents of children with autism suggest that something is wrong with their child when the child is 18 months old and look for support when the child is 2 years old. Autistic children typically have difficulties in verbal and nonverbal communication, social interaction and imaginative play. Some also show aggression towards other people or even themselves, have repetitive body movements, unusual preferences, difficulties in adopting change, aggression towards fast moving things or things out of routine. Some people with autism are sensitive in the range of the senses (sight, hearing, touch / feeling, smell and taste).

What is Autism

The word autism derives from the Greek pronoun "autos" means "self" where "autism" meaning "self-centeredness". Autism is a particularly difficult to understand and complex mental disorder which are characterized by:

  • Living in own thoughts, feelings and ideas.
  • Self separateness from the outside world.
  • Social cut down with other people.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Causes of Childhood Obesity

Many factors can contribute towards your child to get obese. Here is a list of factors that may, individually or collectively, be the reason for your young one to be obese;

Complications of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is not a problem to be overlooked by parents and society. It has devastating effects on the individual life of the sufferer, but to the family and social life also. The diseases and complications associated with childhood obesity not only effect family economy but is hurting nation’s economy as well, in the shape of increased healthcare expenditure. The opportunity cost of a lazy, lethargic couch potato is much more than an active sportsman, athlete or army marine.

What is Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a serious disease that affects children and adolescents. Childhood obesity occurs when a child has a much higher weight in the normal weight given his age and size. Childhood obesity leads to many serious diseases that was once only known to occur in adulthood (such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol).  Childhood obesity not only causes these mad medical conditions, it also hits socially to the kids in the shape of bad self-esteem and depression.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Early Detection of Breast Cancer

HM&K proudly present the guidelines for early detection of breast cancer. These guidelines have been worked out and are recommended by the American Cancer Society (ACS), which is a reputable institute to help patient against breast cancer. These guidelines include:

Breast Cancer Aftermath

The patient who has just defeated the greatest danger to her life has yet to face a long struggle to maintain the winning posture. The treatments of breast cancer are so hard for the patient that she may feel the side effects for a longer duration of time.  Women are sometimes left frail and weak long after their cancer is gone. Some factors that have been found to make survivors more susceptible to fatigue are lower age, greater percentage of body fat, poor low-extremity muscle strength and less physical activity.

The doctors conclude the post breast cancer treatments into two categories; Social Treatment and Medical Treatment.

Breast Cancer Treatment

By the advent of modern technologies and research in medicine, new treatment methodologies are developing which are more effective and have fewer side effects. Various treatment options with their merits and demerits are discussed below;

Friday, 17 June 2011

Causes of Breast Cancer

Today, breast cancer is the most common of all cancers in American women.  It causes more deaths in Hispanic women than any other cancer and killed a total of 41,491 women in the United States in 2005.  These numbers won’t go down with around 80,000 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed every year.

There are many different factors that can put a woman at risk for breast cancer. Although women can’t control all of these factors, there are several preventative measures that can be taken to reduce one’s risk. Few of these preventive measures are as follows;

Nail Fungus

Where summer gets fresh air, lots of sun, outdoor activities, it also brings sweat, humidity and sun burns. Thus the summer calls for special care for your skin. HM&K present you some of the beneficial tips to cope up with these skin related issues, starting from the nails.

Nail fungus is an often complained problems associated with summer activities. To treat nail fungus one needs to know the cause of change of state of the nail. There are two main stimuli for the nail fungus; 

One of fungal infections of the toe nail is trichophytosis. It begins at the end of the nail and and then spreads throughout the toe. After a while the nail begins to thicken, crumble, and painted in white or yellow. The nail in that condition may not hurt, but it degrades the outlook of your beautiful nails into hideous looking structure and thus reduces your self-confidence. If you have formed a fungus on your toe, it is likely that in the near future, it may move to other body parts. If you find yourself in such a nail fungus, see a doctor immediately. He will be able to properly diagnose and tell you how best to treat the infection.

Another type of nail fungus is Candida. Symptoms of the disease may be the same as when athletes foot, except for any creamy discharge. This infection is most often seen in people who have long-term contact with soapy water. It should be noted that Candida is difficult to treat and calls for long term treatments.
To win nail fungus, caused by candida the patient must:
·         Cut nails as short as possible;
·         Include sprouted wheat, vitamin B, as well as yogurt in his/her diet.
·         Avoid repeated and long contact with water.
·         Dry your feet thoroughly to avoid any humidity there. 

Monday, 13 June 2011

Kids Room Ideas

HM&K proudly present you creative ideas for the kids room decoration items. In this post we focus on the pillows of kids room and walls designs. We hope mothers will get creative ideas for the kids room decoration from this post. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed like always.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Designer Wears for Moms n Kids

ΗΜ&Κ present you comfy and cool wears for your princes, inspired by designer wear dresses. These tops and accessories will give an astonishing look to your girl for casual and party occasions. HM&K present a full package of apparel for trendy mothers, who are young, enthusiastic and funky by heart and soul. 

Sneak into some of really awesome dresses for you and your girls this season with HM&K designer wear collection.

A cute party wear for your princes, that will let her stand out of the crowd by the astonishing look of the transparent top, beneath black lining top.

  Give your princess a royal look in this classic fur coat jacket. 

A perfect looking frock for you and your girls, giving both of you spot light in any casual wear occasion.

Thinking of some funky dresses, here is HM&K special funky wear thats suit you and your sweetheart. 

Time for some funky Hawaiian Aloha frocks for you and your little princess. This soothing looking apparel will give coolness in the hot summer ahead. 

 Thinking of some elegant looking dress for some hi fi party, here is one just for you.

Isn't it a comfy looking dress blending comfort and fashion in one white rob. Simply awesome.

Looking for a classic 70s style party dress, here is one just for the occasion in your mind. A blue long pent with a soothing shirt for mothers and complimenting elegant frocks for your girls. 

Be funky with your kids in this stylish funky dress.

 Thats what we call a true Funky dress.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Dont Let Those Flowers Wither in The Sun

Skin of a child is 10 times more sensitive towards the changing environment. Those tiny limbs are more prone to the harmful effects of the ultra violet radiations of the sun light. Children's skin is more fragile than adults: firstly, it is thinner on the other hand its melanocytes (cells that produce melanin) are much less effective than those of adults.  If the child is not properly protected, exposure to sun can have serious repercussions in adulthood in the form of sun burns and uneven body tone.

Remember, the skin cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer mortality among young adults. It is therefore essential for parents to ensure the protection of the skin of their children.

Essentials Steps Towards Child Care:
Kids are innocent, they don't know they harms they may encounter through sun light. Thus it is duty of the parents to educate the kids about the harms. Parents should give awareness to the child to identify risk situations and to identify the threatening signs of the sun like sun burn, itching and most fearfully, skin cancer. 

Thus, to train the child to risk sun, parents can use the fun way. The play of shadow instance permits: when the shadows are short, we must protect ourselves.

When a trip to the beach is scheduled to bad hours (between 12 and 16h), parents must bring their children in a UV armor to avoid sun burn. Precautions to take can be summarized in five points:

- Stay as possible in the shade of a tree or an umbrella.

- Wear protective clothing to cover your body, polyester and Lycra can be used for clothing.

- Use a sunscreen to avoid rashes and sun burns. Reapply every two hours and after swimming.

- Wear a hat or cap.
- Wear wraparound sunglasses protection category 3

What Harm Sun May Cause to Your Child:

In the short term, the risk is limited to pain and fever more or less intense that can cause sunburn. In the long term the risk is much more serious. The repetition of sunburn, or a few severe sunburns have the effect of greatly start solar capital, that is to say, this ability to repair skin damage due to UV. Twenty years after overexposure may occur from skin cancer, especially melanoma who have major risk factor for sunburn from childhood and the practice of artificial UV radiation.

So next time you are going on a family vacation and to make Vitamin D, don't forget to keep these tips in your mind. Have a Happy Summer.

Pregnancy!!!!! Dos and Donts

Getting pregnant is A BIG news, not only for yourself, but for every connection of your and yours better half social network. Pregnancy brings lots and lots of attention towards you, and you will find yourself in the middle of folks, taking care of you, giving you tips to cope up with the situation.

 All of a sudden you will find yourself in the line of fire of various suggestions, some of them really essentials, and even some ridiculous.

HM&K present you with some of the very beneficial tips for pregnancy. You can rely on us as these tips are collected from highly reliable sources:

Eat Healthy:

You are pregnant by the grace of god, that means you are producing a life out of yourself. This new life needs energy, which it will draws from you. So you need to eat enough to not only to maintain your metabolism at normal, but also to fulfill the growth needs of the fetus.

Do not panic, it takes 55,000 calories to make a healthy baby, which equals 300 calories a day, which equals a glass of low fat milk or an apple juice glass. Getting extra weight may also have harmful effects during labor period. We highly recommend "REAL FOODS" eating habits during pregnancy, the junk foods will be of very little use to you now. There are few must have ingredients in your diet:

Iron: Eat foods high in iron like apple, dates, kiwi fruit.

Protein: Various researches have confirmed that sea food is rich in not only in protein but also the fats in fish, called omega-3, are essential for brain and vision development in the baby. Babies whose mothers consumed ample omega-3s, in particular DHA (97% of the omega-3s in the brain are DHA), score higher on IQ tests later in life, while low intake is associated with developmental delays.

Calcium: Who denies the importance of calcium in boon making? Its not only required for the boon building of your baby, but is also required to give your back boon enough strength to hold on the baby. Your diet must  have enough portion of milk and cheese.
Starch and Fiber: Also go for food high in carbohydrates and fibers like watermelon, potato, rice etc.

Enhance Fluid Content:

Another important thing is to increase the amount of water intake during pregnancy. Drink more healthy fluids like water, low fat cow milk or soymilk. The fluids are necessary to increase the blood volume in body that provides oxygen to the growing baby. It also necessary to avoid constipation problems for mother. 

While talking about fluids we must tell you to avoid liquor of any sort during pregnancy. It is known that regular consumption, however small, can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, the leading cause of mental retardation of non genetic origin.

Smoking in the same way increases the risk of premature birth and can have harmful effects on the healthy development of the fetus. Healthcare professionals have split opinions on the use of tea and coffee during pregnancy, but we recommend you not to exceed 4 or 2 espresso coffee mugs per day because the risk of miscarriage and / or delay of intrauterine growth increases with caffeine (over 400mg per day).

Take care of yourself:
You are "producing" now, you need to be taken care of and you your self need to understand this.

You are hope for your family so you need to take care of yourself now.

 Attend your parental check ups regularly.  Avoid stress, exertion, fatigue and tension, they have negative effect on you and your baby.

Stay relaxed, stay focused, go for a walk or swimming, do yoga, massage belle muscles, have warm showers (warm not hot, hot environment is harmful for the baby).  

Spend time with your family, listen music, read books and to sum it all, stay HAPPY.