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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Breast Cancer Aftermath

The patient who has just defeated the greatest danger to her life has yet to face a long struggle to maintain the winning posture. The treatments of breast cancer are so hard for the patient that she may feel the side effects for a longer duration of time.  Women are sometimes left frail and weak long after their cancer is gone. Some factors that have been found to make survivors more susceptible to fatigue are lower age, greater percentage of body fat, poor low-extremity muscle strength and less physical activity.

The doctors conclude the post breast cancer treatments into two categories; Social Treatment and Medical Treatment.

Social Treatment:

Social treatments include the human interaction with the patient. It is very important for the patient to get intermingle into the society which she belonged to, and it is responsibility of the society to welcome her with full zeal and zest, It is important not only to give her a sense of belonging, but also to motivate her to fight the aftershocks of the disease.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine:

The medical treatments include the energy booster treatments to fulfill the needs of essential vitamins and proteins lost as a result of the harsh treatments.  Besides all of these mainstream medical treatments, there is a whole other category of treatment called “Complementary and Alternative Medicine”.  This includes a wide range of things like dietary supplements, acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage therapy, magnet therapy, spiritual healing, and meditation. The main function of these treatments is to give gentle and soothing care to patients whose bodies are going through nauseating, painful and stress inducing treatments.

Studies have shown that there are great benefits to having simple exercise education programs for patients and yet this type of information is not always part of cancer patient care.The American Cancer Society provides several additional creative ideas for getting patients to work their muscles.

Music and Art therapy are just a couple ideas that they recommend especially for those that have had little to no use of their muscles in the recent past.  In addition to giving patients some muscle movement, it has been proven that music therapy reduces blood pressure, depression and sleeplessness.  It is commonly used for patients undergoing chemotherapy as well as patients who have recently recovered and are working on getting back into their daily lives.  Both art and music therapy have earned the respect of the medical community by proving their invaluable contribution to the physical and emotional wellbeing of patients. 


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