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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Symptoms of Autism

Parents of children with autism suggest that something is wrong with their child when the child is 18 months old and look for support when the child is 2 years old. Autistic children typically have difficulties in verbal and nonverbal communication, social interaction and imaginative play. Some also show aggression towards other people or even themselves, have repetitive body movements, unusual preferences, difficulties in adopting change, aggression towards fast moving things or things out of routine. Some people with autism are sensitive in the range of the senses (sight, hearing, touch / feeling, smell and taste).

HMnK has researched and assembled some common variant traits of autistic children for their valued readers;

Verbal Difficulties:
  • Inability to draw attention of others to them (to the 14th month)
  • Is not in a position to start or maintain a conversation
  • Slow or no language development
  • Repeating words or phrases learned by rote, for example in advertising or films
  • Refer to themselves incorrectly (for example, says "You want water" when he means "I want water")
  • Uses nonsensical rhymes
  • Communicates with gestures instead of verbal language

Social Issues:
  • Lack of compassion
  • Does not make friends
  • Is self-centered
  • Prefers to be alone rather than with others
  • May not respond to eye contact or smiles
  • Avoids eye contact
  • Treat other people as if they were non living objects
  • Does not play interactive games

Receptive Error: 
  • Has an elevated or low levels of perceived in sight, hearing, touch / feel, smell or taste
  • Seems to have increased sensitivity to pain or light
  • No or weak response to physical contact, like tenderness, kiss, tap etc
  • Perceives everyday sounds as painful and may keep their hands on ears to avoid it
  • Repetitive rubbing surfaces, putting objects in the mouth or lick it off game
  • Does not imitate other people
  • Prefers to play alone or ritualized

Behavioral Problems:
  • Has a short attention span
  • Is committed to repetitive body movements
  • Shows a strong need for routines
  • Has very violent temper
  • Has very limited interests
  • Is aggressive towards themselves or other persons
Some combinations of these characteristics may occur in different proportions in children with autism. We strongly recommend the parents to consult their doctor if they see these symptoms in their kid.  


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