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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What is Autism

The word autism derives from the Greek pronoun "autos" means "self" where "autism" meaning "self-centeredness". Autism is a particularly difficult to understand and complex mental disorder which are characterized by:

  • Living in own thoughts, feelings and ideas.
  • Self separateness from the outside world.
  • Social cut down with other people.

A child with autism or a similar disorder experiences the world differently than "normal" children do. Autism is also known as an "Information Processing Disorder". Impressions from the outside world are seen by an autistic children as loose information that must be assembled like a puzzle. One can compare it to immigrant to a foreign country where a foreign language is spoken and foreign customs prevail, thus the autistic feel himself totally strange in the wonderland.

Autistic children have difficulty with presenting their needs and wants. This means that they have a hard time to associate things they mean. They cant express what they want or what is expected of them. This leads to stress and anxiety.

Our world being hard for them to understand, autistic children often draw back into themselves. Thus creating their own imaginative worlds, with imaginative friends just like Alice in the Wonderland.


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