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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Parenting Autism

The symptoms of autism are difficult to access for the parents of an autistic child. The absence of a behavior is more difficult to detect than the presence of a typical behaviors. Parents who suspect their child may be autistic; they should consult the pediatrician for a referral to a child psychiatrist, who can diagnose autism for sure, their level of severity and determine the appropriate educational measures. Autism is a disease and autistic children may have a serious disability for life. However, with proper treatment some autistic children can develop certain aspects of independence in their lives.

Parents should encourage their autistic children to develop those skills that use their strengths so they feel good about themselves. The psychiatrist, in addition to treating the child can help the family resolve stress, for example, can help siblings who feel ignored by the care required by the autistic child, or who feel embarrassed if they bring their buddies to the house. The child and adolescent psychiatrist can help parents to resolve the emotional issues that arise as a result of living with an autistic child and guide them so they can create a favorable environment for development.

Thus in nut shell parenting autistic children is a testing phase for parents. If the parents see clear signs in mentioned any areas, the parents should get help as soon as possible to initiate a more detailed study of autism on their child.


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