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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Pregnancy!!!!! Dos and Donts

Getting pregnant is A BIG news, not only for yourself, but for every connection of your and yours better half social network. Pregnancy brings lots and lots of attention towards you, and you will find yourself in the middle of folks, taking care of you, giving you tips to cope up with the situation.

 All of a sudden you will find yourself in the line of fire of various suggestions, some of them really essentials, and even some ridiculous.

HM&K present you with some of the very beneficial tips for pregnancy. You can rely on us as these tips are collected from highly reliable sources:

Eat Healthy:

You are pregnant by the grace of god, that means you are producing a life out of yourself. This new life needs energy, which it will draws from you. So you need to eat enough to not only to maintain your metabolism at normal, but also to fulfill the growth needs of the fetus.

Do not panic, it takes 55,000 calories to make a healthy baby, which equals 300 calories a day, which equals a glass of low fat milk or an apple juice glass. Getting extra weight may also have harmful effects during labor period. We highly recommend "REAL FOODS" eating habits during pregnancy, the junk foods will be of very little use to you now. There are few must have ingredients in your diet:

Iron: Eat foods high in iron like apple, dates, kiwi fruit.

Protein: Various researches have confirmed that sea food is rich in not only in protein but also the fats in fish, called omega-3, are essential for brain and vision development in the baby. Babies whose mothers consumed ample omega-3s, in particular DHA (97% of the omega-3s in the brain are DHA), score higher on IQ tests later in life, while low intake is associated with developmental delays.

Calcium: Who denies the importance of calcium in boon making? Its not only required for the boon building of your baby, but is also required to give your back boon enough strength to hold on the baby. Your diet must  have enough portion of milk and cheese.
Starch and Fiber: Also go for food high in carbohydrates and fibers like watermelon, potato, rice etc.

Enhance Fluid Content:

Another important thing is to increase the amount of water intake during pregnancy. Drink more healthy fluids like water, low fat cow milk or soymilk. The fluids are necessary to increase the blood volume in body that provides oxygen to the growing baby. It also necessary to avoid constipation problems for mother. 

While talking about fluids we must tell you to avoid liquor of any sort during pregnancy. It is known that regular consumption, however small, can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, the leading cause of mental retardation of non genetic origin.

Smoking in the same way increases the risk of premature birth and can have harmful effects on the healthy development of the fetus. Healthcare professionals have split opinions on the use of tea and coffee during pregnancy, but we recommend you not to exceed 4 or 2 espresso coffee mugs per day because the risk of miscarriage and / or delay of intrauterine growth increases with caffeine (over 400mg per day).

Take care of yourself:
You are "producing" now, you need to be taken care of and you your self need to understand this.

You are hope for your family so you need to take care of yourself now.

 Attend your parental check ups regularly.  Avoid stress, exertion, fatigue and tension, they have negative effect on you and your baby.

Stay relaxed, stay focused, go for a walk or swimming, do yoga, massage belle muscles, have warm showers (warm not hot, hot environment is harmful for the baby).  

Spend time with your family, listen music, read books and to sum it all, stay HAPPY. 


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