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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Healthy Eating to Help Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is the problem on the rise in today’s modern world, especially the first world countries are hit hard by this epidemic kid’s disease. The unhealthy eating habits with lessor physical movements are adding up to the problem of childhood obesity.

The problems of early childhood, diabetes type 2 in kids and many more problems are the cost of obesity problem many developing nations are bearing. With the problem being addressed by United Nation, more emphasis is now being put on child health and healthy eating.

Holy Mother n Kids have tried to give their readers few tips on healthy eating habits that need to be taken care of by parents and kids themselves. These tips will help you nip the obesity problem in the bud, by maintaining kid’s health and saving you lots against treatment for obesity and other complications to your kid. Let us look at some of these tips found after research on various researches on treatment for obesity.

  • A healthy snacking can be very useful to help obesity. Parents should encourage them to take fruits in snacks and avoid the sugar drinks and fried snacks. Put apples or bananas in kid’s school lunch box, or for his picnic trip.

  • Choose white meat over red meat like poultry and fish. Use skimmed dairy products not treated with hormones or antibiotics.

  • Focus on cage free chickens and chicken products as they grow up in natural environment without being fed by fat hormones.

  • Get into habit of reading labels before purchasing food. Avoid foods that contain trans-fat, artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives and sweeteners. Beware of confectionery item labels and look for corn syrup which is rich in fructose and used as sweetener. Go for more natural and healthy eating. This will improve child health and help obesity.

  • Use plant fats for cooking rather animal fat. Make a switch to olive oil or virgin bio oils as a natural care for the obesity treatment

  • Emphasize fresh fruits and vegetables, and vary the colors! If you lack time to market, choose frozen rather than canned (because of preservatives and food additives). Say no to refined sugars! In case of craving, take fresh fruit or dried fruit.

  • Prefer whole grains food (wheat, buckwheat, whole rye), they are a great source of protein, fiber and vitamins. They provide you with necessary nutrients required for child health.

By following these healthy life style changes one may help obesity to remain away from his/her family. The healthy child of today is the first stone towards achievement of a healthy nation. The world got better problems to address than the costs on treatment of obesity. 

These healthy life style changes may cost a bit more but this is nothing compared to the cost of obesity the parents are paying in the shape of obesity treatments for diabetes type 2 and other cardiac problems in the children, few perils of early childhood as a result of childhood obesity.


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