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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Mother Care for a Fresh Skin after Pregnancy

By the birth of a child, the mother finds herself too occupied in child care and all the stuff. With a little time for herself, the mother can revitalize her skin as fresh as before pregnancy. Holy Mother n Kids present you with natural skin care methods for mother care.  These are very effective natural treatments that can bring wonders in mother’s life.

It took 9 months to give birth to the baby and it would take almost that bit of time to reshape you. The re-shape process is time taking but the results are long lasting.

Mother Care for Face:

The hormonal changes of the body even affect the face skin. Mother’s face skin may become more oily or even dry. Special need should be taken here as many mothers grab the cosmetics they were using before. But this is not a wise decision, mother’s skin undergoes changes and thus your previous cream might even irritate you. 

The natural and organic products should be used just after pregnancy. The organic products in the natural skin care products will help your skin rebalance its prior condition.  

In the morning, spray a little rose water on your face. Rinse your face with milk and honey to provide nutrients to your skin. Use non-alcoholic lotions, and go for more natural skin care products like Shea butter and Cocoa butter lotions. Clay mask may also help your skin regain the nutrients it lost while pregnancy.

Mother Care for Body Reshape:

The extra care you had been doing while pregnancy should continue for at least three more months. The mother’s body undergoes many hormonal and physical changes by the birth of the baby and these changes take some time to revert back to normal.

The biggest problem mother’s face after the birth of the baby is the loose skin on the belly, to make it regain the agility of before birth a constant body message is required. This message can be self-done or with some help by some fatty oils like almond or apricot. Message your belly, breasts and thighs to regain before pregnancy shape.   A full body scrub is also recommended at least twice in a month.


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