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Friday, 21 October 2011

Lemon: A Natural Skin Care Remedy

While it comes to skin care we run after to the artificial and cosmetic ways of skin treatment and forget the natural skin care remedies that not only help in skin treatment but also have anti aging potions in them.
Available throughout the year, the lemon is a Jinny in a bottle. It has key ingredients for all types of skin care.

Lemon is an anti oxidant and rich with Vitamin C. Either taken in food or applied directly on the skin works wonder when it comes to skin treatment.

Lemon is renowned as a key ingredient of traditional herbal Indian medicine, Ayurveda. The active ingredients present in lemon can revitalize your skin and help to regain the fine tone due to its anti aging treatment.

Some Cosmetic Virtues: Rich in Vitamin C and fruit acids can help in anti aging, balancing, toning, anti-wrinkle and various other skin treatments.

  • ·         It purifies, softens the skin and brightens the complexion.
  • ·         Lemon also restores life to dull and split hairs
  • ·         It also helps in strengthening nails.
  • ·         It strengthens the immune system, tones the nervous system and smoothies blood circulation.
  • ·         Lemons have virtues as refreshing, diuretic and anti aging.
  • ·         According to Ayurvedic tradition, it also helps to neutralize all the bad vibrations, whether physical or mental. 
  • ·         Lemon are particularly recommended for people working long hours behind a computer and therefore more exposed to electromagnetic waves.
  • ·         Vitamin C, present in Lemon, help care skin to uplift the dead cells from the skin surface and gives fairer complexion


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