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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Pregnancy Stretch Marks – The Pregnancy Aftermath

There's nothing like having a newborn in the family, and nothing like pregnancy stretch marks, you also get after. It can be really frustrating that after nine months of special care directed towards your body, you're faced with an after effect in which is out of your control. Holy Mother n Kids give you an easy option for treatment of those marks.

What are Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

Pregnancy stretch marks develop because of the growing baby inside mother. Mother’s skin stretches beyond its limits because of the weight gain. Because the skin has a natural elastic property, as all that is pushed to its limits, it may break.

In fact, they develop because of the deep layer of the skin, the dermis, broke out. Notice that from the beginning, your stretch marks will be slightly red or purple in appearance and progress later, to a silvery-white look. This is because blood vessels in the skin burst because of the stretch action and later as the blood vessels heal the spot turn white. But the scars are left behind.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks Treatment:

There are various pregnancy stretch marks treatments, both natural treatments (herbal treatments) and surgical or cosmetic treatment.

Natural Cure:

Pregnancy stretch marks treatment is effective application of cocoa butter cream to your belly daily, after every shower. It's a home remedy of quality that has been advocated by many mothers and mother care professionals too. If you don’t find cocoa butter in any product then Shea butter is as effective as cocoa butter.

Cosmetic Treatment:

Another option you can explore is the use of topical creams and ointments an effective treatment of pregnancy stretch marks. You can easily purchase at your favorite beauty counter or online. These creams are convenient because all you need to do is apply and go. They act on the skin and penetrate to remove pregnancy stretch marks and let you wear your skin bikini again.

Laser Treatment:

Another effective treatment of pregnancy stretch marks is by the use of laser treatment, which has been proven effective to reduce your skin problem dramatically. The problem with laser treatment for the removal of pregnancy stretch marks is the high cost and risks and discomfort. You have just given birth; you need to spend your energy and money on your baby care, not on costly surgical treatments.


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